Friday, March 3, 2017

What is Covenant Theology?

In Covenant Theology, the Covenant promises of God unite the entire storyline of the Bible.

God covenanted (made a binding contract) with his people through various representatives (Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, the prophets, etc.).  God promised to live together with his people in a kingdom-on-earth if they would keep the terms of the contract (the Law of God).  The essential parts of these kingdom promises were a people, and land, and a king.

The people of God did not and could not keep the terms of the contract, so God took the kingdom away.  The kings died, the people scattered, and the land was conquered.

Then God did something wonderful and gracious and merciful.  He made a New Covenant.

In the New Covenant, God kept the terms of the contract for his people through Jesus Christ.  Jesus kept the law on their behalf and took their punishment in their place.  

The unfolding story reveals that this New Covenant was God's plan all along, and the plan was bigger and better than anyone fully knew under the Old Covenant (although there were many mysterious hints along the way):
  1. The New Covenant Kingdom's people would come from every tribe, tongue, and nation throughout the entire world! 
  2. The New Covenant Kingdom's land would be the entire earth!
  3. The New Covenant Kingdom's king would be the Son of God, who would rule over and dwell with his people in the land for all eternity! Emmanuel!
The Old Covenant revealed humanity's unfaithfulness, and the New Covenant revealed God's faithfulness. Together they showcased God's perfections: his goodness, his justice, his mercy, his power, etc. Together they glorified God.

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