About this Site

The Rev. Dr. Dennis E. Bills is a minister in the New River Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America and an eighth generation West Virginian.  He pastors Trinity Presbyterian Church in New Martinsville WV.

My Great-great-great-great-great Grandfather, buried in northern West Virginia.
You have to cross a creek, hike a cow pasture, and climb a hill to find this.
And it's not easy to find even with good instructions. 
He also occasionally kills things in the woods, like all good West Virginians.

"What was that!"
Dennis's hope is that this site may eventually encourage fellow West Virginians to embrace and spread the reformed Faith throughout this great State. But Reformation is so much more than just reformed theology, so not everything on this site has to do with reformed theology. Besides, nobody likes people who only talk about reformed theology. Check out the Topics for Discussion on the bottom right to pinpoint a topic in previous posts.

All opinions expressed on www.reformingwv.org are the author's; none of them should be interpreted as a statement on behalf of any organization that he serves.

Should you desire to contact him, email dbills at adoniram.net.