ReformingWV Publications

ReformingWV Publications provides print and digital resources in the Reformed tradition with the goal of increasing the influence of Reformed Theology in the great state of West Virginia.

The following is a list of print publications available so far.
The following is a list of print publications that are "in the pipeline" to be released over the next few years, God willing. There is currently no timetable for these:
  • Remembering Doctor McElhenney: A Grandaughter's Recollections Revised and Annotated
  • An Inquiry into the Aggressiveness of Presbyterianism: Revised and Annotated
  • Reforming Appalachia: Replanting Presbyterianism in Rural Appalachia
  • The Westminster Confession of Faith in Plain Language
  • Unnamed Book on the Sacraments: Baptism and Communion
  • A Presbyterian Primer
  • Unnamed Book on The Law and the Gospel
ReformingWV Publications solicits manuscripts for consideration according to the following criteria:
  • Written by West Virginians (even "adopted" ones) for West Virginians
  • Addresses theological or pastoral topics that might be of particular concern or interest within West Virginia's churches. 
  • Written with a view toward education and for use in church education/discipleship programs and efforts.
  • Written within, in support of, and consistent with historical Reformed traditions

Contact dbills @ to discuss ideas.

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