Thursday, July 9, 2015

"But I am Innocent!": Should I Support a Denominational Statement of Repentance for Past Racism?

We might believe that we as individuals within a church may not have been racist, or a church within a denomination, or a denomination within The Church. But A) I think we think more highly than we ought to think of ourselves, our churches, and our denominations. And B) even if it might be true that we and ours have not been racist (but see point A), we join in expressions of repentance with other believers in our churches and denominations because the individual is in the church and the church is in the denomination, and the denomination is in The Church--and The Church, both Visible and Invisible, Militant and Triumphant, past and present, is One Body. We are all in this together through our union with Christ. We can and should express our repentance in as singular a voice as our visible connectedness makes possible.

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