Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10 Points to include when Preaching the Decalogue

Here are 10 points that can be included in a sermon series on the Decalogue.  When preaching each commandment:

  1. Show the First Use of the Law.  A mirror.  Reveals our sin and need for a Savior.
  2. Show the Second Use of the Law. Restrains sin in the world.
  3. Demonstrate the Law written upon the heart; how it both restrains and condemns.
  4. Show the Third Use of the Law.  Rule for life.  Teaches what is pleasing to God.
  5. Show the commandment's New Testament continuity and extension/intension.
  6. Apply the New Commandment:  that love is both the motivation for obedience to and the fulfillment of the commandment.
  7. Illustrate sins of omission and commission through the lens of love.
  8. Preach the commandment's fulfillment in Christ.
  9. Point the sinner to Christ our advocate.
  10. Encourage sanctification in the power of the Holy Spirit through faith in Christ. 
These points came to mind because I was reading the following posts:  

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