Monday, October 21, 2013

Eight Reasons We Seldom See Miraculous Answers to Prayer

  1. Because God works primarily through normal providence.
  2. Because we do not have eyes to see.
  3. Because our priorities are often not God’s priorities.
  4. Because God is more concerned with the spiritual than the material.
  5. Because we do not ask according to God’s will.
  6. Because we do not ask in faith.
  7. Because we do not ask persistently.
  8. Because we do not ask.
So there is obviously some overlap here, but I just wanted to show different angles on the same thing, especially with 3-5.  God can and does work miraculously, but more often he works normally, which if you think about it, is just as miraculous.  It is just not as easy for blind eyes to see.  The bottom line is that he does indeed work in response to our prayers, and we just need eyes to see it.

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